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Removing popcorn ceiling yourself can be labor intensive and complicated. Let us handle it for you and get it done quickly!

Popcorn Ceilings are ugly and outdated.

About 40 years ago, popcorn ceilings were one of the most popular choices for decorating a home. Everyone knows what popcorn ceilings are, sometimes also referred to as acoustic ceilings, they have small bumps on the surface giving them the distinct popcorn textured look. These types of ceilings textures were so popular because they easily hide any imperfections or unevenness without sacrificing the design of the space.
Today however, popcorn ceilings are outdated and not in style. They make a room look dated and old fashioned. Whats worse is that popcorn ceilings are difficult to clean and maintain compared to more modern alternatives.
Although it was a popular choice, popcorn ceilings hide cobwebs and accumulate dust. For homes with vaulted ceilings this can make the task worse because the ceilings are hard to reach.
Due to this, most homeowners decide to remove the popcorn ceilings from their homes and businesses and replace it with more modern finishes. This is especially the case for residents trying to sell their home or rent it out.
In this competitive market, buyers are more demanding than ever to get a modern home or office space. Call the popcorn removal specialists today.

Removing Popcorn ceiling isn’t an easy task

Can you remove popcorn ceiling yourself? It’s a difficult task if you don’t have any experience or the right equipment. At Home Express Services, our contractors have many years of training and extensive experience in all aspects of drywall, plaster, stucoo, and especially Popcorn ceiling removal. Our team of professionals will be in and out as quick as possible. Removing popcorn ceiling is laborous, let’s break it down into steps.
  • To begin, you need to protect the walls and floors and any furniture you couldn’t remove in the room with protective plastic. These are heavy-duty plastic sheets as contractors and residents will be moving in and out while the job is in process. Using protective plastic will prevent popcorn debris from getting into crannies and nooks or moving throughout the rest of your business or home.
  • After that our team will prepare the ceilings and spray the surface with a small amount of water. This helps propare the popcorn to be scraped. Don’t just try to spray your ceiling with water yourself, only professionals such as us know how much to use and where best to apply.
  • Next we will use our specialized tools to remove and scrape the popcorn ceilings. Specialized tools such as vaxuums are used in tandemo to keep any mess to a minimum. Using the Vacuum helps us ensure popcorn debris doesn’t fly throughout the home or business
  • Then we get to work on skim coating the ceiling, especially around any areas that have been damaged. This prepares the surface area for painting and assists us to even out the surface of your ceilings. it can help remove and imperfections by itself, but only if you have the right tools and steady hands and years of expertise.
  • Finally, we’ll apply a fresh coat of paint primer on your ceiling to seal any microscopic cracks and improve the durability of your ceiling for a long time to come. We can then paint the ceiling in the color of your choice; we offer all sorts of shades to benefit multiple aesthetic types and to ensure that your new ceiling gels well with the rest of your home.

All in all, popcorn ceiling removal is an intense and complicated process. That’s why it’s only smart to hire dedicated popcorn removal contractors to handle the job. Special tools for scraping, sanding and vacuuming all of the dust that accumulates on the ground are necessary if you don’t want to be picking up after the ceiling for weeks on end.

Plus, hiring our guys to do this job for you will be a lot easier than the alternative. Popcorn ceiling removal is necessarily time-consuming and can be physically laborious. Some ceilings are really high or hard to reach, and other ceilings are very wide and have lots of square footage. Popcorn patterns can also vary in intricacy, perhaps requiring additional water or even more specialized tools to complete the job.

Make the call to us instead.

We can handle any popcorn ceiling removal job for homes and business you could think of. Our contractors have years of experience and training. This ensures that any professional we send to your home to remove popcorn ceiling knows exactly what they are doing to get the job done with perfectiong.
Call us instead of doing it yourself and get it done right with none of the hassle. Calling a professional contractor will ensure you receive the quality and attention to detail your ceilings deserve.

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